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my fantasy football team

  • hawkirob

    i haven't done fantasy football in about 7-8 years. the two leagues i have been in have been crap, one where the admins took advantage of the females in the group and did questionable trades there was no vetoing in place...and another where i was in an online one with a buddy from high school, and everybody on that league was a bunch of whiners that after my first week of the second season i dumped my team into the FA pool (my friend reset my roster but i never did anything to it again).

    i am on a league with a bunch of people i used to work with, and we had our draft tonite. this ten team league has been together for quite a while, other than a person moving in or out occasionally (i only get involved with one league otherwise i would join the VOTHOT league), and here is my roster

    Tom Brady
    Andrew Luck

    Andre Johnson
    Dez Bryant
    Torrey Smith
    Sidney Rice
    Santonio Holmes

    Fred Jackson
    Adrian Peterson
    Beanie Wells
    Jacquizz Rodgers

    Antonio Gates
    Brent Celek

    Defensive Line
    Mario Williams
    Justin Tuck

    Sean Witherspoon
    Brian Cushing

    Troy Palomalu
    Charles Tillman

    team defense

    mason crosby
    lawrence tynes

    so, rate my draft
    after about 7-8 seasons not doing fantasy football and going through a 23 round, 10 person'd i do?
    (also keep in mind, i don't usually start playing close attention to NFL until the college season typically winds down)

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