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The "Never-Ending Story - Prologue, Part the Third.

  • When we left off, Dumbo and Jimminy were racing back to the Circus tent that had caught aflame due to an accident the fire juggler had, with a trunk full of water. Dumbo sprayed down the entrance, putting out the fire and helping everyone to escape. That night, the Ringmaster met with Jimminy and Dumbo and asked them to join the circus and travel with them to foreign lands. They jumped at the chance, and so started a long tale of adventure as that starring act everywhere the circus went.

    Editors Note: For the next two years or so, Dumbo, Jimminy, The Hairy Lady who had a little bit o magic in one finger, the Strongest of the Strong men, the stalwart acrobats, clueless clowns and the beautiful lady horse mistress, traveled all over the hemisphere, and encountered:
    1. A mean sorcerer who was dying and could only extend life by drinking the blood of the last Unicorn. (He was defeated by Dumbo, named JUMBO sitting on him).
    2. An army of Trogs – creatures that were a cross between a troll and a frog, who were defeated by Jumbo dropping poop bombs on their coconuts, which caused them to explode and burst into a Jillion pieces, as they were highly poisoned by Olyphant dung.
    3. A series of shady and nefarious characters who tried to disrupt the circus and steal all their hard-earned cash; defeated to a man by the wiles of Jimminy the Cricket and Jumbo.
    4. A cave full of Ice-Monsters who were all melted by the magic in the Hairy Lady’s finger, who rode on Jumbo’s back and shot lightning down on them from on high.

    After they had been on the road for a year or so, they came to a village that had a dwarf as one of it’s not so well liked residents. The townsfolk were mean to him and when his parents died, they ridiculed and spat on him all the time. He was a great tumbling acrobat, and one night after the circus shows were done, he went to the Ringmaster’s wagon to ask for a job. It was payday for the performers, and he waited outside until everyone had got their coins, chatting up the performers who accepted him, as many of them were odd looking fellows and ladies. The waited around to hear how his interview would come out. The Ringmaster was immediately impressed but didn’t let on he liked the dwarf lad. He told him he would hire him on a trial basis for a week, but he would also have to earn his keep by telling a story to the Ringmaster and anyone who wanted to listen – every night. Well, as it happens, this diminutive (another instructional vocabulary word for my G-Kids), was a descendant of the dwarfs who participated in the quest for the ‘One Ring that Binds Them, and in the Darkness Finds them’, in the legend of the Hobbits and their companions in the Lord of the Rings.

    And we’ll leave it there for now.

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    Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.