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not sure where to put this

  • snaps for a QB are meaningless, for a OL or DL is a big deal. Indiana's QB as a FR led Indiana to 4 wins this year after going 1-11 last year, looks like Indiana's coach might be doing for his team what HF and KF both did for Iowa and Indiana looks to be getting better. with 4 4* recruits all in state recruits, this is also a advantage that Indiana has over Iowa, this year alone Indiana has 1 5* recruit , 6 4* recruits and 13 3* recruit with in the state borders,
    compare that to Iowa 3 different 4* players by different sites and a total of just 6 players that are graded a 79 3* or greater by ESPN for home grown talent
    one more thing there is one more 4* instate for Indiana to possiby get. which would give them 5 4* recruits this year. get over yourselves teams get better with the right coach, escpecially with being able to get top talent in your backyards

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  • Gee, I wonder where all of Iowa's $$ is going if they can't spend more on recruiting, which in the college game is the single MOST IMPORTANT part of being a successful program.... huh

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  • fuisu

    That's all he does, it's pretty funny. One hand he's crying about a 4 star Coe cause he a supposedly had a offer to S FLA (whom we publicly didnt recruit back) and on ther other hand he's whining about losing a 2 Star Vier who had offers to no where but in his world every two star TE will become Dallas Clark under Doyle.

    He also claims ISU is good even though they went 6-7. But they are coming up since they snagged a overrated Campos.

    Herby put down the kool aid, not every player that comes to Iowa is a stud regardless of star rating. Also please save me/us all the star ratings when listing every player. We all know what their star & 40 times are, we don't need to be reminded of it every post.

    Also next time you troll for an arguement please at least do your research on your premise. Herman, Prater, & Poggi..... Lol. JUCO players don't need to be good, even funnier. We'll I'm out but I look forward to reading some nonsensical response with a bunch star ratings in there

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  • I've been reading through this thread. Pretty interesting points.

    The entire issue is a recruiting and philosophy issue with the staff and starts with the head coach.
    Yes, players who may or may not have made an impact, left the team. Iowa's issue is when players leave the team or have an injury, there's usually a huge drop in talent and level of play. Iowa can't always say " next man in" because the next guy in is usually a work in progress and the coaches/Doyle are still having to develop them.

    This ties into a previous thread about players being labeled with stars. If Ferentz and staff worked to recruit mostly 4 and 5 star rated athletes, players could leave and other players step in and fill the holes successfully.
    But, with the philosophy of recruiting mostly lesser talented athletes who have to be developed, if there is attrition, the program suffers. If Ferentz and his staff would put the recruiting focus on getting better talented athletes, we wouldn't be sitting here making excuses after a 4 win season which included a pretty easy schedule.

  • that's my whole point Iowa does not recruit top talent year in and year out,
    Iowa is not loaded with instate talent. as I pointed out Indiana has right outside their front door is one 5*, 6 4* and 13 3* instate recruits to pick from thats 20 recruits VS Iowa has 1 4* and 5 3* recruits to try and get, my example of Veir was merely a example of the type of player gets to develope, and he was injured, this sets Iowa back because of the time spent recruiting him. not to mention any time spent developing him,
    Gallorey was 6'7 225 lb 2* player out of HS that was developed into the #2 PICK in the NFL DRAFT.
    as soon as Iowa starts to produce 20 3* and above players in this state then you can cry all you want about poor recruiting. Iowa has to recruit Nationally to get top rated recruits, this and other sites that have premium pay sites goes along way to perpetuate the myth that Iowa does not recruit top talent, because to find out about this top talent you have to pay to find out, but they only tell about the low end recruits, if you want to go talk to the mods and other mods on their sites why this is happening.