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my thoughts on today's game

  • my thoughts:

    wasn't as cold as i thought it was going to be. only my feet were cold during the game. the Iowa at minny game in 2010 was much much colder.

    neb fans weren't too bad. maybe it was because they didn't have much to cheer about until late in the game.

    Iowa had chances to win this game. once again terrible clock management and poor throws by our senior qb led to lost possessions. the 2nd half of the 2nd quarter comes to mind. punting on their 33, instead of either going for it or trying a fg comes to mind, and the final 2 minutes of the first half were turrible.

    i think i really like vandenberg as a person and was glad he was cheered and not booed greeting his parents on senior day but him throwing an interception on his final pass is fitting. the scouting report on vandy, blitz him and he will fail 9 times out of 10.

    was impressed with our crowd and our student section today. shows our fanbase's loyalty. we have an awful 4 win team and 95% of the stadium is full even in really bad/cold conditions. the students are on break and they still had most of the ss full.

    still can't believe rudock did not see any snaps this year. that is a huge fail on kf and now our future qb will come into next season with zero real game experience.

    nico law didn't see the field on defense at all today. why? i have no idea.

    the chant "husker -- power" is really really lame.

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  • Morrison71

    I don't know what to think about the no qb with experience thing. I mean even if Rudock did get in, it's not like he is definitely going to be the qb next year. So I guess I just have to trust Kirk thinks JVB was really the best qb to give Iowa a chance to win. Which scares the crap out of me for next year.

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  • absolutely zero reason not to give rudock some snaps in the psu game, 2nd half. if anything, to let vandy take a step back and see things from the sideline and regroup.

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  • hawkirob

    this. that was the moment i checked out of hawkeye football for the most part this season.

    before todays game, I watched a total of around an hour of the Northwestern, Purdue, Indiana and the Michigan game combined.

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  • 1) Inside Kinnck was not nearly as cold as Penn State game, where Daniel Murray nailed game winning Field goal in 2008? That was a cold night that turned into beautiful memory.

    2) Agree that nebraska fans were generally OK. Still seeing one red jacket was one too many. And it was nice to see that a couple of those Bozo's got busted for public intox around Kinnick stadium. (See I.C. police report)

    3) Chances to win?? Even an average offense in the Big Ten would have scored 23-27 points on Saturday. The number of blown opportunities, by Greg Davis, JVB and this offense is mind-boggling ineptitude.

    4) Also, very glad to see that Iowa Hawkeye fans SHOWED UP en masse to greet the Iowa seniors today. JVB did get a very good welcome, (well, unless fans were cheering for his rather cute Mom, showing up with his Dad out on the field to greet James). cool

    5) Hawkeye fans are the greatest. Even with this team at 4 wins and a 5 game 'L' streak, the crowd at Kinnick was simply
    Outstanding for both the Purdue and Cornholer games, late in season.

    'Texan by birth, Hawkeye by the Grace of God'

  • solid post. though i will question you saying an average big ten offense would score 23-27 points. nebby was averaging what 35-40ish points a game this season? and they were held to 13 even while getting 2 interceptions. the conditions were brutal but Iowa did leave some points on the board. 14-17 points would have been enough to win.

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