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Thoughts on the B1G turmoil

  • fuisu

    KFStar & I were talking about the recent events that have happen in the past 3 years and how Iowa hasn't benefited from it at all but should've so correct me if I'm wrong or add your thoughts to the topic

    2011 - Ron Zooks gets fired. Normally not a big deal to most schools but Iowa border the pipeline state. Zook was a hell of a recruiter. When Zooks news of getting fired, did Iowa snag anybody from them? I recall a class of Illinois kids last year but we didn't land Diamond.

    2010 - Jim Tressel and OSU. Ok it's tough to argue for anything that should've came from this beings OSU will always be a name brand. I understood not being able to convince recruits to go other where especially with Meyer coming in to play clean up. But OSU's down year was a year for us to rise & potentially go to the B1G championship without worrying about a talented OSU team waiting. Instead we go to the insight bowl for the second year straight

    2010 - Rich Rod gets fired. Michigan has & was down for a long time. This whole time it was time for us to rise to a name brand. Hoke comes in saying "We are Michigan", wins a BCS game he's first year and now the giant up north has awaken to the strongest recruiting I've every seen. Not good.

    2011 - Jerry Sandusky, PSU, Joe PA. This mess was so ugly it wasn't even funny. Happy Valley should've lost recruits big time over this mess and yet they still snagged Lynch away from us. On top of all of this they bring an innovative coach that won't be running plays from the 1970's. Oh yeah, PSU won't be bowling for the next 4 years. If we don't put a foot hold into Pennsylvania pipeline in the next four years, this opportunity will be greatly missed

    2011/2012 - Indy & Purdue. No I'm not talking basketball, both these schools have recently gone through head coaching changes and the only thing I've seen out the state of Indiana was Iowa losing a much needed DE spot filled to a basketball school.

    201? - Minny, Brewster, seizure & Baker letters. Jerry Kill has had more seizures in the past month than I've had beers. Seriously, with a coach that has health concerns & a recent player going public with Kill dirty laundry from locker room talk and the fact he's recently been hired to take over another incompetent coach makes no sense on why we should ever lose a game to these guys. Let alone a recruit. All Minnoesta highschoolers should be Iowas & Wisconsins for the taking, yet Whiskey has been doing all the taking.

    2012 - Brett & Whiskey. Wisconsin has offically lost a coach that brought them to three Rose Bowls. Losing this guy is a good thing, considering the player development they were doing over there was great. I'm doubting Madison gets a coach that I'd rave about so who do we steal from them this year? TBD

    If Iowa doesn't rise during these turmoils, it's going to be sad. Sad in the fact we had a great opportunity due to other people's misfortunes to be a top dog & lay down some recruiting pipe work. PSU, Minny, Whiskey is up for grabs still. We didn't strike gold during the OSU & Michigan mishaps but we still have time to work. How much longer will schools like Purdue, Indy, ILLannoy be bottom feeders? How much time do we have till PSU & Whiskey come back swinging. I don't know, but what I do know is: now is our time and if we don't get aggressive SEC style trying to snag recruits away, we will have missed a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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  • Its sad to say but the only "benefit" we've gotten during that time frame was from the coaching debacle over at Pitt (while not B1G, its B1G country) landing us Quinton Alston.

  • HawkiBrad55

    Hopefully we can benefit from Boston College and get a much needed running back.

    My thoughts is unless Wisky nails a huge coach it should help us. Brett was a helluva recruit against us. Such as saying to Hodges brother "do you really want to be called little Dule for 4 years" Little things like that and he knows Iowa well enough to use anything he knows against us. I can't see the next coach doing that.

    But if we miss out and do nothing then we are missing a golden chance to hammer some great recruits.,

  • I would also throw Nebraska joining the B1G to the list. New rivalry, play a top tier program every Black Friday. Should've opened up some new recruiting.

    In college football rankings nice guys finish last. Well, actually 2nd to last this year.

    Iowa coaches and kool-aid drinking fans alike can blame our small population, attrition, injuries, some made up running back hating god, close losses, but actually Iowa had a great chance to go on a run 2010-12. This comes down to coaching. KF missed a great opportunity due to having boring systems and being openly lazy about recruiting. Its a shame because the reason you sign a college coach to long-term crazy contracts is so when times like these happen you can push stability. Our recruiting class will end up ranked mid 50's and we will struggle to .500 next year.


  • Quanzell Lambert passed on Iowa for Rutgers with a new coach. Pitt, BC, Maryland.

  • 2012- Iowa's passing game and play calling benefited the rest of the BIG.

    It's not that simple... so, can't really address those situations above.

    But want to comment on the Zook and Rod. That was bad for Iowa when they left. =)
    And Zook was good for Iowa, how else Iowa could have landed Faith, Jaleel, Ward and Fleming? You wanted Diamond too? Greedy =). Auburn offered more ______ than Iowa could.

  • ' Overall, you are correct, Iowa hasn't benefitted much at all due to other teams' misfortunes. Like Thai said, Iowa has taken advantage of illinois' instability by getting Faith (consensus 4*), Jaleel (consensus 4*), Mo Fleming (3*/4*) and Ward (3*/4*) last season. That's a pretty good take from Illinois, Diamond would have made it a killing. This year has been a disappointment in Illinois however,. Goebel and Willies (from Iowa though) and possibly Spearman should be good players, but only getting 2/3 players from there is under performing with all of the elite talent, especially offensive linemen, there this season. For Iowa to improve, they must get talented players consistently from the neighboring state.

    Regarding Minnesota, honestly, the state hasn't been producing many players recently that Iowa even offers. Seantrel Henderson a few years ago was never going to choose Iowa. Last season, they missed on Pirsig and Andre McDonald (this one hurt because it looked like Iowa did a great job recruiting him and he was receptive), but still, that's only 2 players. This season, they missed on Onwualu, but Notre Dame offered, and there is no shame in missing out on that one. The only other player that Iowa offered was Rucker, and he will be a hawkeye. Cottrell and Keeling Brookins were not offered. If Brookins can eventually stay healthy (has had some terrible luck with injuries), he will be a great player and I'm not sure why Iowa didn't show much interest. The next few years, Iowa will have to win some wars and get Jones and the 2015 DE from CDH.

    The only other player, besides Alston, that I can remember Iowa flipping due to a coaching change was last year, when they got CJ Beathard when Ole Miss fired Houston Nutt.

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  • My memory is fuzzy on this but Zook was on the hotseat already when CJ Fiedorowicz flipped from Illinois to Iowa right?