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The Fiscal Cliff

  • With emotions high after another loss, reason may be overtaken and a costly rush to judgment may be incurred. Reality is hard to face with emotions, unless of course the slim margins turn victorious, as they did in 2009 when Iowa leveraged the slim margins into an Orange bowl Victory and raised hopes and expectations for 2010 with whispers of “National Championship.” Now reality shows the margins the same but the outcomes opposite; while the Hawkeye ship may be resting on the bottom from its most recent loss to Purdue, within it’s hold is a bevy of fresh talent, but the reality of a losing season looms and the cackles for change can be heard among the Hawkeye faithful.

    Ironically, the emotion is in essence the same as the more prosperous years, it’s just charged negatively, as are the expectations it arouses, instead of National Champions, cellar dwellers. Rather than Heisman hopefuls, there are overrated players, what was once brilliance is now incompetence. The hope to go forward is replaced by and irrational need to change, even abandon ship.

    Change takes time, can be painful, may encompass failure, disappointment and heighten doubts, change the charge of emotion and strip reason from judgment. When judgment has no reason-- bad decisions are made. This is not like a bad play, for instance, throwing for 1 yard with 4th and 3 to go thereby giving the opponent a chance to win the game.

    A bad decision is far more costly and egregious; a bad decision is one that would abandon the future based upon the shortcomings of the present. It would be akin to abandoning ship--with a full hold--when it is only grounded and take to the open sea with a dinghy.

    Luckily, Hawkeye fans, we are immune to abandoning reason, not because we are Vulcan’s, but because we have the fiscal cliff. It’s many years away and millions of dollars high. The most affluent boosters may have the ability to scale the cliff, but are they that dingy to try?

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  • Truth - I just upvoted you. Stay loyal and patient, my Hawkeye friends.

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