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Sunday Hash

  • 1. Friday game, Sunday Hash—We’ll give it a try, at least.
    2. At the outset the defense seemed doomed and the offense seemed on fire. A funny thing happened in this not-so-funny game. The defense started defending and the offense became, once again, a pretense.
    3. We can fuss high and low, analyze to and fro, but the Hawks went 0-1 eight times this year because they didn’t have enough good players.
    4. This makes a bit of sense on defense. Norm Parker wasn’t very healthy toward the end of his career and it sure looks like the recruiting suffered as a consequence.
    5. Maybe it was injuries on offense. Departures. Dismissals.
    6. None of these apply to the woeful receiver corps. Iowa might have beaten Nebraska with just a whisper of a passing game. Blaming JVB ignores his 25 TD’s a year ago. Blaming the OC assumes incompetence on a Licklitter scale-- and nobody lasts 10 years at Texas with coaching skills two standard deviations below the mean.
    7. I guess it is complicated. More important, it likely isn’t over. There’s no particular reason to be hopeful about 2013.
    8. Oh, the defense will likely be better. The O-line will lose its best player but will get a couple of injured players back. If Bullock and Weisman stay healthy, the running backs will be ok. I imagine Garmon is headed toward a back-up career that might well end elsewhere, particularly if Canzeri stays healthy.
    9. The passing game in 2013. Yikes. Somebody convince me it’ll be better. Now. Without big improvement here, Iowa is looking at another busted year. With a Groza winning kicker, to boot.
    10. I’ll enter my 59th season as a Hawk fan next year. I don’t stop rooting for the Hawks when they lose, but honestly I’m not as fully engaged either. Unless one is primarily a fan of pageantry, bands, beer and tailgating, it just isn’t possible to get as enthusiastic about a bad team as a good team.
    11. Next year is a big year for KF—conceivably his last at Iowa. Oh, I expect he can still coach. He’s the same coach he was when he showed up in Iowa City in 1999—though that might be part of the problem. Now, however, he’s faced with the task of turning around his own program and try as he might, it’ll be tough to convince recruits that he’s bringing big changes and a new approach. KF has pulled rabbits out of hats before. Maybe he’s got another trick left.
    12. Everybody with green eyeshades at the UI will be watching the enthusiasm meter in 2013. Season tickets cost about $400 a pop, exclusive of related philanthropy. A decline of 10,000 season ticket purchases would translate into about $4 million in lost earnings. That’s a number KF doesn’t want to be asked about heading into 2014.

  • 12. I think season ticket sales will do fine next year. There are plenty of people that have been passed up that will step in and buy new this year. My fear is that with this totally joke of a non-conference home schedule maybe fans dont show up for the early games. I dont blame them. It has become so expensive for someone like me to go to IC and watch this brand of football. Throw in the new donor only lots and the crack down on tailgating. By the time the home schedule starts getting good Iowa may be .500 and looking like another 4-5 win team. Things are a mess in IC. Its deeper than JVB. Its deeper than GD. 13 yrs into the program and our HC cant figure out clock management.

  • Agree, but getting rid of 2 out of 3 of those contributors should go a long way to getting us back to bowl eligibility.

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  • 11. Next year is a big year for KF—conceivably his last at Iowa.

    Hopefully this was his last year. Should be, but won't be.

  • I think a lot of people are sleeping on Garmon. Assuming he stays healthy, I'll be surprised if he doesn't win the starting job in 2013.

  • So hes gonna start over Weisman, Bullock, and Canzeri? I will stick with my original opinion that there is a better chance that Garmon isnt at Iowa next year than being the starting RB. Hope Im wrong.

  • AIRBHG will strike as usual.

    I can't see Garmon coming back for practice or class.

    Please at least spare us Weisman and maybe Bullock.

  • I think he'll be playing better than all three, yes. It's possible that the coaches will start someone else instead, but I do think it'll be apparent that Garmon is the best. I think he's got the highest upside of all of them, and we'll see that beginning to set in in 2013.

  • Why don't you think he'll be back for practice or class? What are you basing that off of? Just curious.

  • 11. Next year is a big year for KF—conceivably his last at Iowa. Oh, I expect he can still coach. He’s the same coach he was when he showed up in Iowa City in 1999—though that might be part of the problem. Now, however, he’s faced with the task of turning around his own program and try as he might, it’ll be tough to convince recruits that he’s bringing big changes and a new approach. KF has pulled rabbits out of hats before. Maybe he’s got another trick left.


    O'Brien is out at NC State because of recruiting shortfalls, not player development. Hope is out at Purdue, Chizik out at Auburn. Watch for Purdue and Auburn to make a play for Bobby Petrino. Charlie Strong's name will also be in the mix. These guys can recruit. We are now stuck in a time-warp. His replacements for Norm and KoK have not proven to be steps up or forward. Our recruiting classes are interesting, but not stellar. Few head coaches have proven they can turn around their own demise. This is now the challenge facing KF.... some heads should roll on the staff.... odds are they won't.

  • This^^

    However, KF is loyal to a fault.,.and also very stubborn. Since he has an iron-clad lifetime contract, he has no incentive to admit he made a mistake and make the necessary changes.

    He also has terrible clock management skills and still believes that "playing the odds" (ie ultra conservative; hoping for the other team to make a mistake first) is the way to's not.

    This program is not in good shape at the moment. The current recruiting class is mediocre at best and does not provide a substantial talent infusion at positions of need (DE, QB, WR)...and for those of us not chugging the kool-aid it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion. A wreck that will unfortunately continue for the next few years until deep pocketed donors decide they've had enough and fork over the ludacris buyout $$$ to end this nightmare.

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  • Ferentz' incentive to improve is his ego. I contend that most of the head coaches are not motivated by their salary. Then thrive in the challenge. Even those who dislike working with the media still yearn for the attention that the position, games and recruiting provide.

    In my opinion, Iowa's recruiting philosophy/identity is adrift I am inclined to believe that the group of recruits who left en masse a few years back is a very real part of the problem.

  • this seems mostly right--tho i'd probably say that the many failures in the "christiansen class" point to a problem in recruiting. i'm not so sure these failures caused subsequent recruitment problems. whatever the cause, the hawks weren't able to capitalize on coach's contextually early success--the three straight top 10 finishes. i can't sort this out to my satisfaction. it does seem that since then recruitment has been conducted with a safety first mind set--recruiting to avoid embarrassment seems like a first cousin to playing to keep a game close in hopes of winning late with a defensive stand or a timely field goal.

  • I think a lot of the criticisms of Ferentz are warranted here. I don't have a problem with his philosophy of playing the odds, but the bottom line is the team went 4-8, and he's in charge of it. So obviously, it all starts and finishes with him, and I'm sure he'd be the first person to tell you that.

    I do think the 2013 recruiting class is above average, assuming everyone sticks between now and Signing Day. Losing David Kenney really hurt - no question about that. But I do think Trevon Young can be a future star at defensive end, assuming that's where Iowa puts him.

  • I think the biggest problem with Iowa's approach to recruiting is not getting the coordinators on the road more. Most of Iowa's competition sends their coordinators out, so the Hawkeyes are effectively fighting with one hand tied behind their back. And with the inherent recruiting obstacles that Iowa already faces, that's not easy to overcome.

  • Silver, I agree. . .You clarified my thought much better than I could.

    Todd, I agree with you last statement.

  • Todd, I'm sure he would tell us that...but actions speak louder than words. Actions are what this team needs. Thank God I didn't hold my breath this season.

    His style is way too pre-2005, not enough 2012. As our re-elected President kept saying: "Move Forward". You've got to be able to adapt your game plan for your opponent. We've heard time and time again from opposing players how easy it is to prepare for Iowa, and that they know what is coming. Gee, ya think that might be a problem?????

    Clock managment issues and consistant delay of game penalties (out of a time-out no less) tells me he is not working on the little things in practice.

    I disagree with your positive take on this current class. It's rated in the mid-40's by most services. If we lose a guy like Hill, you will see us plummet into the mid-50's. That's no way to rebuild your team. I just don't see the talent infusion that's desperately needed in this class....even if Young is moved to DE and produces in a couple of years. Hill, if he signs, is another quality athlete. Outside of them, I'm not seeing it. Kids like Shimonek, Boettger and Bazata compare to kids like Wienke, Derby and Bigach. They could end up as a solid contributor by their senior years, if we want to wait that long. The rest of the class doesn't give me any goose bumps either. I totally agree with you about getting our coordinators out there on the recruiting trail....and Ferentz has extended use of the University Jet now, so he should be out there with them!

    Go recruit a fleet footed QB, one that can buy himself time in the pocket. Make it a priority to get athletes on defense.

    /rant rottentomato

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  • You're right that Iowa needs for Hill - and the rest of the current commits - to stick. Can't afford to lose any of them at this point. I think a lot of people have Young underrated. I see Young, Warfield, Hill, Gressel, Goebel and Welsh as providing extra dimensions that Iowa didn't have in 2012. Willies and Mitchell are both pretty explosive at receiver, and Kenny, Wisnieski and Rucker should all be in the two-deep by 2014. I want to see Shimonek's playoff film from this year before fully weighing in. I did think Kenney was the best player in this class, so losing him really does hurt, but I don't think the cupboard is bare.

  • ^^^^^^ Well put.

    If you look at Iowa's recruiting classes over the last 5 years it ranges from mid 30's to mid 50's nationally. Thats not getting it done. Especially for a team that had a BCS win in there. I am in 100% agreement that Iowa as a state is hard to recruit to. I watch HS football in the state and its bad. Say our average class ranks around 45.

    Are there 45 teams that have a National COY and 2x B1G COY winner? No
    45 teams that have the stability of a 13 yr HC? No
    45 teams that sell out their 70k stadium every week? No
    45 teams in a state with no pro team? No
    45 teams with Iowa's track record of developing NFL talent? No
    45 public universities that offer the mix of education and athletics Iowa does? No
    45 legit college towns like Iowa City? No

    In KFs post game TV show Dolph asked him how the players and coaches will handle the extra time with no bowl. KF responded that the players start training Tuesday and coaches have more time to recruit. Most people think we have 2-4 scholarships left. Im not holding my breath for any big commits. If anything I think we lose a couple guys possibly Hill. Good chance that GD spends a couple weeks in Texas before signing day not recruiting, vacationing. Its a total joke the way this staff recruits and only ones laughing are other B1G coaches. Ive said this before but we have no big time recruiters on this staff. We have Morgan with ties to IC West. We have Brian Ferentz with ties to IC High. Lavar Woods cleaning up in NW Iowa. We have Soup Campbell who couldnt get Braylon Edwards' brother to pull the trigger. Greg Davis who doesnt leave campus and recruited a QB from Texas that we beat out Lamar University for. Phil Parker also with Michigan and Ohio ties but doesnt leave campus. A recruiting coordinator In Eric Johnson who also coaches during the week (80/20). I will let you guys fill me in about Erb and Wilson but I think Iowa's recruiting rankings speak fo themselves.

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  • Very good post.

    It all begins and ends with recruiting, though it does take more than that to be a successful program - just ask Zook. Nevertheless, as the old saying goes, "you can't make chicken salad with chicked sh!t."

    Way, way too often we settle on kids that can be developed over 2-3 years, rather than going after some real athletes. As Iowa fans, we all love the story about the little-known kid who comes in and develops into an NFL prospect, and, in some respects, I think Ferentz likes to hang his hat on that. A few of those in each class is fine, but relying upon that strategy is very dangerous: A few injuries here or there, or guys leaving early, leaves you with a roster of players not ready, assuming they ever will be, and, hence seasons like this.

    Recruiting isn't easy, especially when you're Iowa and the perception is corn fields punctuated by the occasional pig farm. What that means, though, is that the coaching staff has to be more creative, work harder and focus on hiring assistants that are energetic and charismatic. It's nice to have long-term stability with a coaching staff, but it better be stability with the right guys.

  • fuisu

    1.) I wouldn't fire KF after this year. There is no question in my mind that we aren't going bowling cause of him & his staff but I still wouldn't fire him (even without the buyout). Nexts years schedule is rough, if KF goes 4-8 next year I'd can him but I'm still willing to give him another year

    2.) I for one am not. But I don't think Garmon will start over Weisman. KF loves these walkon stories on top of that I think he likes the Coker/Greene type of back.

    3.) We are not going to lose Hill. Edwards sucks anyways, kid had no offers. Everbody is on his nuts cause he had a 40 time. Seriously if Edwards was so good especially considering his family name why are his only offers Minny & Cal? We backed off and I really don't think it was cause of priority of other positions. Greg Davis doesn't recruit, never has apperantly so expect him to take a full vacation til signing day. Our recruiting sucks cause we always go after stand up guys, god forbid we recruit a thug every once in awhile. It also sucks cause we recruit guys like Jack Swason and we allow them to hang around for 5 years. Iowa is practically on probation, realistically we are working with 70 scholarship athletes while other schools are recruiting a full 85. Can't wait for Johnny Mullings to apply for a medical hardship 6th year..... we better honor it cause that's the ethical thing to do.

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