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Rumors about Kirk Ferentz

  • fuisu

    It's something. The fact one of our coaches has yet to call that whiskey DE speaks volumes to me.

    Laziness, ineffective, outdated.... call it what you want to but it's something we can agree needs to be address.

    I still remember last year when Urban Meyer brought his whole staff down to watch Spence play. I know if I was a recruit that would wow me.

    I know what also would wow me, pro combats. I remember hearing preseason how we were going to do pro combats for the veterans day game.... instead we got ripped off. I know people don't make big deals about pro combats but to 17 year old kid it's a big deal. Is it a deciding factor? Probably not but it helps the pendulum swing in your favor.

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  • This is the first year in 11 that Iowa has had a losing program. Iowa's recruiting other than one year (04?) has been in the 30s-50s nationally. KF does not like recruiting. He publicly states it. He publicly states that he doesnt require his O and D coordinators to leave campus to recruit. In his end of season press conference this year he stated he would rather have them game planning. For what, next year?

    Im not saying KF sits at home and doesnt do anything, but the proof is in the pudding. Iowa struggles to recruit. You can use the small population crutch all day, but other schools with more disadvantages still recruit better than Iowa. We need to find the next Charlie Smart ish as an assistant to recruit Fla, Tex or some state down south. We have nobody on the staff with connections in the South. Thats LAZY hiring.

  • Yup ... just what we need -- win at ANY cost. Ludicrous.

    The DE aforementioned said he did not want to be called. Huh ... think of that honoring and respecting someone's wishes.

    Just 'cause Urban Meyer has no morals about recruiting -- does not mean it is wrong to have morals. Unless you ar esuggesting win at any costs ... than when you do that EVERYTHING is off the board.

    The UI is bigger than wins/losses for a football team -- but some of you do not realize that.

  • fuisu

    The DE said that Iowa didnt call him, not that he didnt want to be called even though a new situation came to light. There's nothing illegal or shady about calling a committed DE to see how he feels. It's called being aggressive. The early bird gets the worm and the guy who puts forth the most effort on porm night gets laid. You go to a job interview, you don't wait for them to call you back; you call them back in 3 days. You call the recruit.

    Please don't lecture me how a college football coach is supposed to have morals. Your hired to legally recruit within the NCAA by laws & win games. If we wanted someone to shape the youth of football players we'd hire a marine drill instructor or the Dalai Lama. When's the last time you've seen 70,000 people come around to watch a chemistry exiperment?

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  • I think some of Ferentz's policies in recruiting are definitely fair game in terms of criticizing. I've said a number of times that I think it's a mistake not to send the coordinators on the road.

    It'd definitely be nice to have an assistant with more connections to Florida, California, etc. But Ferentz has to balance that desire with his desire to keep as many of his assistants in the fold for as long as possible. Just speculating here, but I would imagine coaches with deep connections in those areas would be less likely to stay at Iowa for the long haul. If he can find the best of both worlds, that's great, but that may not be very easy to do.