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Ranking of B1G football coaches

  • I'd probably put Fitzgerald in first ahead of Meyer. Everyone points to Ohio State going 6-7 in 2011, but that was one of the worst-coached teams I've ever seen, and they also had to deal with all the controversy and negative publicity surrounding the program and a revolving door of players. Meyer in fact inherited a roster that was much closer to the rosters Jim Tressel was winning the B1G with year after year, and just happened to arrive at OSU when the B1G was in the process of hitting rock bottom.

    Not only was Michigan underperforming at a similar level as OSU when Hoke arrived, but there really wasn't nearly as much talent on the roster he inherited as there was on the roster Meyer inherited. With that in mind, I think there's an argument to be made that Hoke should be ahead of Meyer on the list.

    Also, not sure why they refer to Indiana as the hardest job in the BCS. Northwestern is a much harder job, IMO, due to the academic standards in Evanston, which makes it that much more impressive what Fitzgerald has been able to do there.

  • about a 'what have you done for me lately list'.

    So, Bill O'brien has 1 year in the Big Ten and he's already the 2nd best coach?

    And while the Skyhawk52 list might be a tad bit biased, so is the TSN and any other ranking.

    I'll rank who I'd like coaching the Iowa Hawkeyes, since this is a VOTH board. And I take quality, longevity and class much more into consideration than the johnny come lately rankers.

    1) Kirk Ferentz
    2) Captain Kirk
    3) KF
    4) Furhends
    5) Coach Ferentz
    6) Mary Ferentz
    7) Brian Ferentz
    8) NOT Dantonio
    9) NOT pelini
    10) Brady Hoke

    Considered, but NOT receiving any votes: Tim Beckman, Gary Anderson..who? J Kill, Hazell?, Kurtis Wilson, who?
    Meyer, Obrien wtf?, fitzgerald? No fri**un way.

    OK, I said my ranking was a bit biased..........GO HAWKS hawkeyes
    How many of these coaches in the TSN ranking have won National Coach of the Year, like KF??? biggrin

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  • No one respects what Fitzgerald has done more than I do and while I appreciate he is a sentimental favorite because he has to find a way to do more with less, how can you rank a coach who just won his first-ever bowl game over one who won 2 national championships at an SEC school and went 12-0 his first year at a B1G school? Or Hoke, who went 11-2 his first year but 8-5 his second? If the guy's W-L record is moving backward, how can any reasonable claim be made that he's the B1G's best?

    What's in that lemonade you're drinking, Todd? Cuz I want me sum o' dat!

    Your rationale reminds me of the old Kelly LeBrock "don't hate me because I'm beautiful" Pantene shampoo commercials. I appreciate I have a bias but I'm trying to be objective by going on overall body of work and no one touches Meyer. And I get that it's easy for people to dis OSU and Urban because of our abundance of riches and even call us underachievers if we don't run the tables every year but given how screwed up the 2011 team was--most losses in a season in 114 years, no leadership, coaches and seniors who quit, all-B1G-caliber players suspended, a walk-on at quarterback, the black cloud of sanctions hovering over the program, a lame duck coach, coming in a step behind everyone else in recruiting, having to clean house by running off problem players and malcontents--I think Meyer did an absolutely PHENOMENAL job resurrecting a program that 99% of the world was happy to see fall down.

    Minimally, "best coach" accolades should be like playing king of the mountain and in my opinion, after going 12-0, someone's going to have to knock Urban off the mountain to claim that title.

    1980s Pantene Commercial Don't Hate Me...

    Don't hate me because I'm beautiful ad.
    Interesting marketing campaign...hmm...
  • If we're talking about the best coaches in the B1G, at least in my opinion, it only makes sense to focus on what they've done as a coach in the B1G, not in any other conferences. That's the only way to compare apples to apples. Fitzgerald is constantly recruiting with one or both hands tied behind his back, and typically trots out one of the least talented rosters in the conference every season. For them to be an upper tier B1G team is an unbelievable accomplishment, and no other coach in the conference has been doing more with less in recent years.

    I didn't say Hoke was the best, just that I'd put him ahead of Meyer at this point based on what they've both done in the B1G. IMO, he had a much steeper mountain to climb when he arrived at Michigan than Meyer did when he arrived at OSU. When he took over at Michigan, the roster was decimated with awful depth and talent up front on both sides of the ball, and that's where games and championships are won. To turn the program around as quickly as he has is very impressive. Also, two of his five losses in 2012 were to the teams playing in the national championship game, a third was to a quality South Carolina team, another was at Nebraska after Denard had gotten hurt, and another was to OSU in a 60 minute battle in Columbus.

    Regarding Meyer, I don't know what he's done in the B1G that Tressel - or the vast majority of above average BCS coaches - wouldn't have been able to do. Tressel won B1G titles to such an extent that it had turned into an afterthought, and was typically playing against at least one elite nonconference opponent every season. Meyer inherited a team whose core was recruited by Tressel's staff, had the easiest nonconference schedule OSU has had in a long time, and also benefited from the B1G hitting rock bottom. 12-0 is 12-0, so I'm not at all saying that he doesn't deserve any credit. But I don't see how what he did merits the top ranking in this poll.

  • To follow up, one mistake I think a lot of people make is evaluating coaches based largely on wins and losses. Those are important, but you have to look at the whole picture. The coach that has the most talent on his roster has a major, major advantage over his opponents. At some schools, it's easy to recruit elite talent. At others, it's nearly impossible. Ohio State falls into the first category, and Northwestern into the second.

  • IU isn't last toottoot

    I agree with you Todd, not sure why they say IU is the hardest job. If they have ever been to IU they would know the facilities are top notch. In fact, I think IU has the largest and considered one of the best weight rooms in the Big Ten. They completely remodeled the stadium and upgraded everything. The admission can't e as hard as northwestern and it basically looks like NW plays on a glorified high school field.

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  • I'm assuming they made that statement based on IU being a basketball school. But like you said, there are some things a football coach can work with there, so I disagree with them on IU being the hardest job.

  • FIFY

    I get what you are saying though. I didn't think of it that way. Obviously basketball will always get the love over football, but with Glass as the AD he is trying his hardest to get IU football up there. I think Wilson could be very successful at IU given time.

    Apparently I don't know how to do bold on phone. I suck at life

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    mkillian247 on twitter..... I say a lot of stuff you wont care about.

  • I agree that there's definitely potential to build a quality football program at IU. Location is a key factor there, as IU is pretty close to some outstanding high school football hotbeds.

    This is obviously putting the cart way ahead of the horse, but if Wilson builds IU into an 8-9 win program, he'll almost certainly be courted by some of the more prestigious programs. At that point, it'll be up to IU how much they want to keep him.

  • Gotta go with Meyer based on his track record at BG, Utah and Florida. Fitz is a great coach, but could he "take it to the next level" at a higher profile school? Parseghian and Agase were both very good coaches at NW. Parseghian was able to take it to the next level at ND, Agase was not able to do so at Purdue.

    Hoke and Pelini - The jury is still out on both of these guys, especially Pelini.

    Dantonio - I don't know. Most MSU fans love him for taking it to UM, but I'm still troubled by the "Jim Tressel's Dark Apprentice" vibe he gives off.

    O'Brien - Too early to tell.

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  • So, using that logic, that means you'd automatically rank Kill, Wilson and Beckman ahead of Hazell and Anderson?

    I think limiting a coach's credentials to what he's done in his conference is unfair. If Nick Saban went to a team outside the SEC, would you consider him anything less than the best coach in that conference? Even after he went 12-0 his first year? I doubt it.

    In any event, I'm happy to wait and see how this season pans out. FWIW, Ohio State plays at both Northwestern and Michigan.

  • I wouldn't even include the new guys in the ranking until they'd been a part of the conference for a year.

    If I were an AD looking to hire a coach, I would obviously look at the entire body of work. But if we're ranking coaches in the B1G, I don't think it's fair to either side to consider what happened before.