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Postgame Thoughts

  • Felt Iowa had some good things going in the 1st half. Kinda let our foot off the pedal on O and D. Tried to run the ball which I understand but if it aint working then it aint working. Started playing really soft coverage on D. Indiana gave Iowa every single chance they needed to really open it up in the 1st half. That pick by JVB in the endzone was bad. No chance, throw it away.

    I understand the coaches card pry says punt on that 4th and a foot in the 4th but you cant expect Iowa's D to stop anyone. Its a bad season, show some sack and tell your 6'4'' Senior QB to sneak it. Tanner Miller gettting plowed 2 yards back on that 3rd down in the 4th quarter summed up Iowa. JVB is what he is. Thought he looked like a little girl when the rush came up the middle in the 3rd and he shortarmed the throw. Turned his head, very shady. He doesnt even ride the officials for calls. The kid has cashed his chips in.

    Overall what I expected. Thats a bad Indiana team. Iowa is worse. Thought Indiana's coach would end up looking dumb for passing on the FG. KF was the one who ended up looking dumb.

  • Hard game to analyze. I thought the offense actually looked in rhythm when JVB had time, which wasn't very often. I guess if you had to point to one unit in the game it would be the OL. There was some really horrid blocking today, both in the running and passing games, and all the pre-snap penalties were inexcusable.

    The DL also couldn't generate a pass-rush for most of the game against an inexperienced IU offensive line, and, when they did, the lack of athleticism was obvious as the QB simply had to change direction and our DEs would fall down awkwardly on the turf. In my view, the game is won or lost in the trenches, and right now I can't remember an Iowa team that was this bad on both sides combined.

    On defense, there isn't a coach in the B1G that hasn't figured out the holes in our zone. I miss the days when we actually had safeties that knew how to bait the QB into an area and break on the ball. Really, has Tanner Miller ever made a play? Yes, his tackling technique was terrible on that crucial third down, but he's even more of a liability on the back end in that cover-two; always a day late and a dollar short. It's nice to see Law get some PT at the strong, but we must have a FS with better instincts than Miller on the roster.

    I'd like to see where Iowa ranks in 3rd and 5 yards or more on defense. We have to be the worst in the B1G. This entire season, everytime an offense has a 3rd and long, I simply expect them to somehow get the 1st. Really gut-wrenching. Again, it boils down to that soft zone. The effectiveness of this cover-two scheme is contingent upon pressure from the front four, and it's not happening with this group.

    JVB was, well, JVB. Everytime you think he's making strides, he sails a pass to a WR, or puts one in the dirt, or panics under pressure. Overall, I thought he played his best game this season and at times showed command of the offense and threw with purpose on several drives. It's relative, though, since against this defense, as a 5th-year senior, you expect much more. In all fairness to him, the OL had a lot to do with that today and certainly didn't do him any favors.

  • Agreed all around. Good post.

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  • Indiana's 1st conference home win in 3 years. Of course its against Iowa.

    4 Wins:
    Michigan St

    5 Loses:
    Central Michigan
    Iowa State
    Penn State

    Penn State is a good program but under a 1st year coach, off season turmoil, tranfers, at home, blown out, etc. Iowa has had some really bad losses but Im putting Indiana neck and neck with CMU. At least CMU had an onside kick to win. This game Iowa looked like a team stuck in 1980. If you cant get Alabama type recruits its gonna be hard to run this offense. Unless your the Chicago Bears its gonna be hard to run this defense. KF will say it all comes down to execution. If Iowa executes they win by 14. Thats still too close against football.

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