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Off season wrestling talk: edited

  • HawkiBrad55

    Well now that this season is over and ended not the way that, well any Iowa wrestling fan wanted I think it is time to wipe the slate clean and start a new thread for a new year ( In wrestling the new year starts the day after the Championships because it never really ends)
    I want to thank everyone that joined in with us in last years thread and hopefully we can have more involvement this year.

    I am going to do several posts so this one don't run real long. I want to first say while it was a disappointing finish, Burak, Lofty, St J and Ramos all did great and minus bonus points for DsJ I can't complain. McD, Ballweg, Evans and Telford all suffered injuries so it is hard to judge them and lastly Moore better grow leaps and bounds or we will be in trouble at 65 next year. This is my only summary I will give for the Nationals because I really don't have anything else positive to say.

    Next I want to say good bye to our Seniors,

    Matt you had a hell of a career and it may not have finished how anyone of us wanted, You will still go down being one of the best Hawks ever. It was a pleasure to watch you and I am excited about watching you work your way towards a Gold medal.

    Ballweg, was the ultimate team player moving around where they needed and him not being selfish. And while he may not have been the biggest talent he had a great senior year which appeared was hampered my a knee injury at the N.C.

    Mr. G.G, thanks for being a Hawk he had a ton of talent and for whatever reason after his 3rd place finish couldn't do anything. I am sorry for saying this but he was one of my top 5 biggest disappointments I can remember. With that being said I still respect him and appreciate everything he did and was to this program.

    And lastly Jeret Chiri never really wrestled but a hell of an artist hats off for being a Hawk.

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    Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.

  • No Dog in the fight but I think we stay in the old thread.... 133 pages deep, keep it going

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  • HawkiBrad55

    Ok 2nd post in I am going to give what I think our line up will be next year if nothing changes from here until now. Most of the team is pretty set in my opinion we only lose 2 wrestlers but I do think some of the younger guys may give some starters a run for their money.

    125. Have to go with Clark he has been very good in opens, beat Delgado and after not being able to beat Gilman in high school has pretty well beat him every time they have wrestled in college. Either way future is bright here and combined with Matts tourny I think we can improve here next year and actually get more bonus points through out the year.

    133 Ramos I really don't need to add to this, I can the following year and it will be interesting to see who comes out then but for now, no questions asked.

    141 Dziewa(Jeva) spot is his unless he moves up to 149 but I think he stays here. Get ready for some excitement with him, he is an explosive wrestler and very funky, came out of high school ranked number at his weight, tore a shoulder his freshman year and took a bit to recover from and with needing to have a back up at 41 he couldn't really contend for 49. Super excited about him I dont't think we lose much and have potential to improve here as well.

    149 pukeface I still think Kelly gets the nod, only positive is 10 of the top 20 including the top 5 are graduating so maybe we can actually qualify for the turny and get some points. Either way unless they nab a juco wrestler or some one moves weights my expectations are low at this weight again.

    157. Dsj no explanation needed much like with Ramos Hope he can do it again next year.

    165 will be Moore unless there is any changing around, this kid has solid talent I mean he won everything under the sun in high school both in state and nation wide. I am hoping it is just a mental issue and he gets over it, I still predict he does better in the N.C next year than this.

    174 Will be the Stache and he will improve his finish no doubt in my mind

    184 Lofty had a great run and showed the talent I knew he had, however this is where it may get interesting. Sam Brooks has been tearing it up in his red shirt year and while I think Lofty will win it I don't think it will e a cake walk, in addition to that Brooks is more of a natural 184 pounder than Lofty, will be fun to see what happens. Future is bright here as well. Should do no worse next year.

    197 I hope the nationals woke Burak up and he proved to himself he can do it, because the only thing holding this kid back is himself. He will be here as well easily unless people switch weights. I say he has a high ceiling I hope he can reach it. Should improve on his finish.

    Heavy, We have no one worth anything but Telford so long as his knee recovers well no question we do much much better next year. One thing though is we are going to need to get a good heavy weight THIS year in recruiting because we got nothing and Telford is a junior next year so they need a kid in and red shirted for his senior year so we can not fall totally off the face of the earth after he leaves.
    Ok so there is that on our roster at the moment we have 25 freshman of sophs, most of which came from our number 1 recruiting class. And we have Sorenson and Marlin coming in which one will be at 49 the other should be a 141. We have the promise for a great future just need the kids to do the work and pan out.

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    Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.

  • HawkiBrad55

    I leave it up to you guys I don't care either way. I can change the title here, you guys just tell me what you want

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    Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.

  • New thread seems appropriate....put the 2012-13 season out of it's misery.

    New season begins today. toot

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  • Not here often either, but I think we need to open a new book also. The old one had a sad finish to it.

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    GO HAWKS!!!

  • Great write up Brad. cheers

    Do you think there's any chance either of the frosh are good enough to be thrown into the fire at 149 next year?

    Also, no doubt we should be able to snag a Top 5 HWT in next years class....make it happen Tom!

    Finally, if Burak and Moore realize their potential, we should be right in the thick of the NC race next year.

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  • Definitely a new thread - flush that old censored down!

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    Life is hard. It's really hard if you're stupid.

  • I am not overly excited about next year, hopefully they prove me wrong, but there are 3 wrestlers that I feel good about. 133, 157, and 174. And McD proved to me this year not to get too excited about wrestlers that seem to be a sure thing

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  • HawkiBrad55

    No they don't wrestle true freshman, Burak is an exception because he went to the OTC, and I dont think Kelly is bad I just think he needs to realize he can't upper body wrestle with everyone. And like I said he was ranked in the top 20 before he hurt his shoulder and half of the top 20 are gone. I would imagine they go after Brocks team mate I never got any conformation on that but it is a no brainer to me. If they guys can wrestle the way I know they can we should finish top 3, I just can't see anyone stopping Penn State. I mean Taylor scored enough points to finish 21st by himself and Ruth scored even more than that. I do not think anything is out of the question but they better get a lot better from now until then.

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    Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.

  • i'm with dk7 - but whatever you need to do brad iowa

    Wrestling owns the Olympics

  • I too, am partial to the old thread. However I don't really care.

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  • i would really like it if sorensen gets a real shot at 149 - must earn it - but a real chance

    screw the no frosh guideline!

    Wrestling owns the Olympics

  • HawkiBrad55

    All I can say is look at Meeks, he beat Sorensen and Meeks got owned this year, he is a beast but needed a red shirt. Not all kids can do it, but some can. I leave that in the hands of the coaches

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    Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.

  • It was a mistake for Meeks to wrestle this year imo. Bad coaching.

    Damn I was hoping making fun of ISU would take away the sting from this weekend, but it didnt work.

    On a side note FUISU dislocated my patella about 2'' wrestling on a frozen lake this weekend. Ruined my vaca and Im limping like a 95 yr old now. Worst part is I didnt know we were wrestling.

  • HawkiBrad55

    I agree on Meeks needing a red shirt. Sometimes when you win everything and then move up to a place you are a little fish and lose even once it can kill your confidence and mess u up for a long time. Just look at t shirt after his loss to Gallick he was never the same.

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    Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.

  • HawkiBrad55

    I also forgot to add Brock for incoming freshmen, he will add more depth at the heavier weights and has a huge upside

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    Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.

  • Another kinda weird angle on the Meeks redshirt example is a possible transfer. Im not saying he is gonna transfer, but if he wanted to he would have that redshirt year and basically no punishment eligibility wise. Nebraska has always been rumored to be his school if KJ gets the axe at ISU.

    On a total sidenote has anyone ever seen Meeks' Dad post on websites? Its straight comedy. He posts on CF and HR under the name roughrider. Total loose cannon that freaks out. Spells like an 8 yr old.

    149 next year? Wildcard Destin McCauley. Hey we can dream right!

  • Would we even have a scholly available for McCauley? Even if we did, he's so fickle, I'm not sure I would trust him. All I know is that if he ends up at PSU, I will literally throw up in my mouth. My guess is NE or MO.

    On the subject of recruiting, the next two seasons are going to be critical. Pennsylvania is absolutely loaded in the junior and soph classes, while Iowa is looking light in terms of talent (Admittedly, that's a difficult assessment at that age. A lot could change.). The scary thing is that Sanderson should have no difficulty reloading from his backyard.

    It makes you wonder if the Iowa staff will be forced to look a little more nationally than usual.

  • Evans is going to have to work on some setups and develop some solid takedowns if he is going to improve on his finish. His lack of offense from his feet was apparent all year against the nations best.

    Neither Marlin or Sorenson are ready to compete at a high level at D1 yet. They will look to add recruits at 157/165 & HWT for sure in this next class. Penn St. is going to continue to get the best kids in the country especially since they within an hours driving distance from campus. Iowa is going to have to cherry pick from PA, OH, IL & MN when they can. Iowa just does not produce the top level D1 talent it once did, evident by only producing 6 D1 Champs since 2000.

  • HawkiBrad55

    DieHard if McCauley wanted to come here I am sure they would make room, you would have to, this kid comes in and is a serious N.C contender.

    And yes Penn St will keep getting great recruits but for one they only have 9.9 schollies just like everyone else and two they have to pan out. Things are looking like they are headed in a great direction for them but for every Taylor and Ruth there are Alex Tsirtsis, and Eric Grajales. It has to transition to the mat. Iowa had Telford, Dziewa and Evans all from the east coast and they were #2 and 2 #1 at their weight coming out of high school. One issue with coming from far away as well is losing guys to home sickness like Skon (who would have been our 149er) While I agree we need to go out of state, out of our 9 national champs since 2000 6 were from Iowa. I really don't know the answer we have 2 number 1 classes the last 3 years and it just isn't working out. I don't know if it is the kids, coaches or what it is but it is not like we aren't getting good recruiting classes and it is not like half our team is from out of state already.

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    Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.

  • I agree 100% Brad. Just on reputation alone Iowa will probably always get Top 10 classes, and a Top 5 class the majority of the time. However, I feel next year will be a 'bell weather' year for Brands and his coaching ability. Can he get our wrestlers to buy in and maximize the talent already on the team?

    We should be pretty dominant again in the duals, but as we all agree, he must elevate our ability to get 'bonus points' (especially at our stronger weights) in order to have any chance of competing for B1G/NC championships. This is where Brands must show us he is driving that message home....imho.

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  • Home sickness is always a concern, and risk, with branching out in terms of recruiting, so it's a tough call. I agree, we generally have highly ranked classes, so it does beg the question as to what the issue is.

    I think part of it is criteria used to rank wrestlers coming out of H.S. A lot of emphasis by Intermat, etc., is placed on overall record, as it should be, but to me that's a no-brainer. My kids could compile a list of rated based upon record. Good talent evaluators look beyond the record and project that athlete's ability to the next level by looking at the skill set, learning curve and growth potential. Some guys peak early and can't get over the next hump. Tsirtsis is an excellent example. I live in Indiana. He had a great record, but there really wasn't much competition. When he wrestled, you didn't see a lot of upside there. He was very good but his record was probably deceiving.

    The scary thing is that the landscape is changing. Several programs are on the rise: Ohio State, Northwestern, Michigan, Nebraska, etc., so it's going to take more than just maintaining the status quo. The current staff is going to have to get more creative, both in terms of recruiting and development, especially focusing on a wider array of moves that could lead to more bonus points. Personally, I'd like to see more slide-by's, duck-unders, level changes, etc. Many of the guys seem to be stuck on a handful of moves and it's on the staff to broaden their skill sets. I hate to say it, but I think Robinson's staff does a better job in this particular area.

    I'm with you in that I'm not sure I have the answer either. One thing I would like to see is the addition of a good "big guy" developer to the staff. Adding Morningstar didn't really bring much to the table, IMO. I would have liked to see an assistant that the higher weights could relate to, and really very few programs have that. It could pay off both on the mat and with recruiting. While we haven't been bad at the upper weights, we haven't dominated there the past several years like we have at the lower weights, so it could be one small edge we could gain.

  • Saw these videos on another site ..... Might be a heads up to what we are getting into by Maryland joining the B1G. also read that he was in Des Moines for the NCs.

    Robin Ficker: Court Jester

    Why We Watch is Bleacher Report's new, short-form documentary series offering fans a closer look at the defining people, places and moments that shape our love and passion for sport. Each week, Why We Watch ventures behind the scenes in an effort to illuminate the sporting world far behind a typical headline.

    From NBA super-heckler Robin Ficker to trailblazing female racecar driver Janet Guthrie, one time women's boxing champion Christy Martin to the genesis of the Immaculate Reception, the series brings fans a unique perspective on the teams and sporting events that often go unreported - answering the question, Why We Watch.


    Court Jester: Robin Ficker
    Why We Watch, Episode 1

    Bleacher Report commences it's introspective documentary series "Why We Watch" featuring Robin Ficker -- the most infamous heckler in NBA history and arguably all of sports.

    Opposing teams not only faced a formidable Bullets side when on the road, but also faced the constant barrage of insults coming from Ficker's permanent position behind their bench.

    No player was spared from Ficker's mockery -- the likes of Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller succumbed to the heckler's psychological warfare.

    Fed up with his antics, the NBA created the "Ficker Rule", saying a fan could not interfere with communication between coach and player. In the process, Ficker was banished to the rafters, but quit attending NBA games before he met that fate.

    Today, Ficker can be found lending his verbal talents and passion as a staunch supporter of the University of Maryland Wrestling Team, right back on the sidelines, where he belongs.

    Ficker never once relied on alcohol or profanity for his tirades -- instead, pure passion for the sport drove him, and that's Why We Watch.


    Director/producer: Amir Ebrahimi
    Editor: Mike Kattenberg
    DP: Tim Matkosky
    PA: Nate Keezer

    Special thanks to;
    Maryland University
    Coach Kerry McCoy
    Robin Ficker

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    Wrestling owns the Olympics