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Longing for days of Ken OKeefe & Norm Parker

  • Watched the entirety of this fiasco in Ann Arbor.
    A few comments:

    1) Phil Parker has let this defense, that he is now coordinator for, in his 1st year, completely
    disintegrate before our very eyes. What we thought might be relative strengths, the Def backfield is
    really playing quite poorly.

    2) We have 2 starting linebackers returning. a) Hitchens, when he returns from injury and
    b) James Morris. After watching Kirksey, today, I think Alston or Perry are better suited for
    Big Ten linebacker than Kirksey. He does not like contact, he does not fly to the football.
    Perhaps he can backup the safeties.

    3) LTP and Darian Cooper, along with big Carl Davis give us some hope for future Def Tackles.
    Not sure anyone, other than maybe Drew Ott is really looking like a future Defensive End.

    4) Jake Rudock will have some talent around him, next year. Namely Mark Weisman,
    Greg Garmon, maybe Bullock. Along with CJ Fiedorwicz. Really, really not sure why we
    cannot get Jake some snaps this year. It's pure idiocy, imho, at this point, running
    Vandenberg out there, all the time.

    5) I do like Connor Kornbrath. He is going to develop into a weapon.
    Jordan Cotton should be on the field most of the game, in EVERY phase.
    Hopefully, Mike Meyers in a junior. That could help.

    And Congratulations to Trent Mossbrucker for executing an excellent Onside kick.
    Trent Mossbrucker is an IOWA man, kid has some tremendous sac to hang in there.


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  • fuisu

    1.) Norm had Chad Greenway, Bob Sanders, AC, King, Kroul, Roth, Klug, Hodge, Angerer, Spivey, Godfery, Pagel, etc....... Those players can make ANY system effective.

    2.) Kirksey to safety? I don't think so

    4.) Rudock hasn't peeled away from the other two QB's. Rumor mill says that Beathard looks just as good as Sokol who looks just as good a Rudock. I know you like Jake cause he played on one of the most talented H.S. teams in recent history but it's a simple fact the QB throne is far from having his name on it.

    5.) Cotton on special teams, yes. Every phase of the game? Defense?

    Also, yes thank you Trent Mossbrucker for finially playing a meaning full snap in a game at a meaningless time. Thank you for wasting a scholarship for the past 3 years that could've been used on a DE.

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  • Hit the nail on the head here. I think that PP will be a good coordinator once the young takent we have gets more and more experience.

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  • I do think Phil Parker deserves part of the blame for this game - and this season overall - as does the entire coaching staff. But I don't think you can really evaluate him until he actually has the horses to run with. This season, he didn't have close to enough talent on the defensive side of the ball.

    I also thought Kirksey played fine today. I'd love to see him utilized more as a blitzer, but there's nothing he can do about what the call is.

    Also, as others said, I think QB is wide open heading into the spring. Sokol and Beathard, in addition to Rudock, will definitely have a say in who wins the job.

  • With the exception of Clayborn and Roth, every one of those players were lower star guys that excelled through development, coaching, effort and teamwork.

    While it's true that Norm didn't field his best defenses when talent was sparse and team speed was lacking, I don't remember any of his teams consistently filling the wrong gap, failing to wrap up, blowing coverages, and playing all around undisciplined defense.

    Phil Parker was dealt a mostly talentless hand. But even still, this team is executing fundamentals at a level several notches below Norm's standard.

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  • Do you really think CJ Fiedorowicz is going to be back next year? I seriously don't. The NFL beckons.

    Mossbrucker? Back-up PK's are a waste...especially on game day rosters. I guess he needed to get in on a play to get a letter for the year.

  • You think CJF is gonna go pro? Are you serious?

    I was worried when we recruited CJF he might leave after 3 years. Those worries are gone after 3 seasons he has 47 catches 445 yards and 4 TDS. He doesnt block well. But yeah, he is 6'7''. He wouldnt get drafted. Tony Moeaki had these stats in his senior season alone and was drafted in the 3rd round. Typically guys dont jump early unless they are figured to go in the top 3 rounds.

  • Alright, admittedly, I was venting a bit after watching that fiasco from start to finish.

    Believe me, I've praised Phil Parker many times, when he was the Def Backfield coach.
    Our D-backs ALWAYS Over-achieved under Phil. However, this defense is not doing anything
    close to over-achieving.

    On one of the Meeechigan QB, Gardner's 5 yd TD runs, I saw Kirksey just give up instead of shooting a
    gap and making a tackle. Pat Angerer would have been there. Until Kirksey puts on some muscle and
    demonstrates that he is an aggressive tackler, I'd say move him back to Safety. He is our best pass defending

    Jordan Cotton also plays WR, fuisu. Do you watch the games? The way the defensive backs were playing on
    Saturday, blowing coverages made me wish we'd play Jordan back there. The kid can handle it.

    And from the throws and observations I've seen, already, Jake Rudock won't have much competition and will be the
    #1 next year. And it's my contention that he would have been more effective than JVB most of this year.

    GO HAWKS..........iowa

    'Texan by birth, Hawkeye by the Grace of God'

  • Yup, watching this line reminded me a lot of the days of young King and Kroul. They were trying hard but were too young and weak. LTP, Cooper and Ott are great hope but still 2 years away... to dominate.

    CJ is not ready for the pro. He has a lot to work on still.

    Glad to see Cotton contributed this year, esp on sp teams. Maybe will contribute more so as a WR next. Much needed.

    ...Sky- not bad but I think you're off on Kirkshey. This is the most negative post I've seen from you.

  • Very good post.

  • ThaiHawk.........appreciate your feedback.
    The poor Defensive play, going back to the NW game, this year has really, really
    Upset me. For over a decade, the Iowa defense over-achieved and this year, I'm not sure what it is, because
    early on some were calling these 3 linebackers 'the best Iowa lb's since Greenway, Hodge, yada, yada'
    Apparently, those prognosticators FORGOT about Angerer and Edds??

    And actually, I really like Anthony Hitchens. How can you not like a tackling machine, with a nose for the FB?
    Kirksey needs to watch some film of Hitchens.


    'Texan by birth, Hawkeye by the Grace of God'

  • Are you censored kidding me? Just because his numbers, to you, aren't overly impressive, doesn't mean he wouldn't excel in the NFL. Scouts don't care about numbers. Scouts love his size, route running, hands, AND YES blocking ability.

    You have to remember his numbers are a result of being woefully under-utilized in this system. Not to mention JVB's transition under Greg Davis' offense has been slow and really lacking. He can't catch the ball if its not being thrown to him. Which is another reason for him to bolt. He will have his evaluations done for the draft, and when they tell him that he's looking at being drafted somewhere in the 3rd-5th rounds, I say he will forgo his senior year....and rightly so.

    I don't think Tyler Sash had any thought of being drafted in the first 3 rounds when he left early. He left because ITS THE NFL.

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  • Well, if CJF did bolt to get Paid, the TE position is one spot where we are fairly deep.
    Ray Hamilton & Henry Krieger-Coble have been seeing a lot of playing time.
    Believe there is another youngster in the mix, as well.

    That being said, I think CJF will be at Iowa, next season.

    'Texan by birth, Hawkeye by the Grace of God'

  • If that's the projection he's hearing from NFL folks, it'll be interesting to see what he does. On one hand, he could potentially improve his draft stock by returning to Iowa. But on the other hand, as you said, it's the NFL. I'll never begrudge any college player that leaves early to pursue his lifelong dream.