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ESPN Analysis about Iowa Coaching- strong words

  • From ESPN Big Ten writers

    Here are two examples of ineptitude.

    After dropping an interception, Iowa drove to the Nebraska 19 late in the first half. After Vandenberg was dropped for no gain, Iowa let a bunch of time tick away before calling a timeout. The Hawkeyes then proceeded to earn an illegal substitution penalty (after a timeout, mind you). Moments later, Mike Meyer hooked a field goal and Iowa wasted a perfect opportunity to tack onto a lead in a game where points were at a premium.
    Facing a third-and-4 near midfield midway through the fourth quarter, Iowa handed the ball to Mark Weisman, who was easily smothered short of the marker. First-year coordinator Greg Davis has had a lot of head-scratching calls this season, but this might have been the worst. The height of conservatism. Pathetic.

    I didn't even mention the punt from the Nebraska 31-yard line in the first half.

    Iowa's defense deserves better than what it got from the offense this season. The Hawkeyes must have set a record for most takeaways not converted into points. Or third-down pass routes run short of the marker.

    Kirk Ferentz won't be fired because he makes too much money. So unless he leaves for the NFL, he'll be tasked to fix this mess. Vandenberg regressed as a senior and Davis left Hawkeyes fans banging their heads against the wall. I've defended Ferentz before, and his overall success at Iowa can't be denied, but the program has completely lost momentum, dropping its final six games. Iowa went 4-8 despite a very easy schedule that didn't include Ohio State or Wisconsin and had Penn State at home.

    This is unacceptable for a program that won a BCS bowl game three years ago. It's certainly unacceptable for a coach making what Ferentz makes.

  • Wow, you know it's bad if the ESPN bloggers are actually calling out Ferentz. They are usually his biggest apologists. I stopped reading the blog because I got so sick of reading Rittenberg and Bennett defend Ferentz's coaching because Iowa is such a challenging place to coach.

  • HawkiBrad55

    While I agree with this all we could be Auburn lol

  • What coming off a NC and a heisman winner a couple yrs ago?

    Havin ESPN doing 30 for 30's on a rivalry with in-state rival?

    What firing our coach for not living up to expectations?

    Currently planning what new coach is gonna come in and coach our stud recruits?

    Figuring out how we will deal with the 2 yrs probation and 2 years minus 10 scholarships?

    I would LOVE for Iowa to be in Auburns current position. Auburn is 2 yrs away for contenting for a conference title. Iowa is 2 yrs from contending for a winning record. Iowa is in a bad spot. It is kinda funny tho: Auburn is in trouble for recruiting too hard and Iowa is in trouble for recruiting too soft.

  • Great post

  • Morrison71

    I don't know. What made Iowa have the success they did early with Kirk? Can we get back to that? Was it magic in a bottle? I always thought Kirk was pretty successful. I never thought Iowa could have this kind of year under him. Can Iowa win with Kirk right now?

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  • HawkiBrad55

    I was joking no need to be a censored head. What I meant was winning a national championship and going to a 3-9 team in 2 years. Recruiting too hard??? As in paying players to come and cheating, yeah that is a great way to build a program. We will never have a 30 for 30 on a rivalry because Iowa State is no Auburn or Alabama and either are we. As far as firing a coach for not living up to expectations sure I would like someone to be held responsible for not living up to expectations but when you have guaranteed money for 8 more years why even complain about it, he isn't going any where but they should fire Barta for giving him that contract. I would like to be 2 years away from a conference title as well and I will bet you Auburn isn't going to win it either.

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  • I've always thought Iowa's early success under KF was due in large part to an excellent staff, including KF. IMO over the years as the assistant coaches took better jobs they were replaced with lesser coaches.

    I also think that a large part of Iowa's early success can be attributed to recruiting. We didnt start the recruiting world on fire in the early 00's with star power but we were getting kids that would "but in". 2004 Iowa had a top ten class who turned out to be great even after attrition. Couple good classes after that and then 07-09 were piss poor flat out lazy recruiting imo. KF has been pretty open about his dislike for recruiting and the whole single signing period. He has publicly stated that he doesnt force his OC and DC to leave campus to recruit. This blows my mind. Its like telling your VPs at the bank they dont have to leave the office to meet customers.

    The B1G has changed, and yes even since 09. We have added Nebraska and 4/5 of the teams this year are running some sort of spread/option read. This really throws KF for a loop. In one breath he will point out that Bama and USC run pro-style offenses and in the next breath he will talk about how Iowa isnt "sexy" enough to recruit with the big boys. KF is lost in this new brand of B1G football. We matchup well with MSU, Neb, Wis. Only problem is when Bielema calls a fake punt and it doesnt enter KFs mind that anyone would EVER call a fake.

    Lastly I think that KF is a victim of being too nice of a guy. He wont cut players. He wont bench players. He wont recruit guys he feels are solid commits elsewhere. He gives his assistants "family time". In todays college football world nice guys finish last. Look at the last 5 NC winning coaches, not really guys of high morals imo. Look at tOSU this year and the next ten yrs. Urban Meyer had the whole B1G up in arms with his recruiting last year but then he bangs out a 12-0. Some would say thats cause hes at tOSU and has the athletes. tOSU is good but dont often run the table. KF@tOSU this year 9-3. Meyer@Iowa this year would have been 7-5.

  • HawkiBrad55

    Agree on all. I really think his old school football is out of date and like you said with the Big Ten getting away from a trench war and sliding towards spread etc puts us at a huge disadvantage. I wish he would hire young up and coming O and D coordinators and let them do what they want and him keep his nose out of it. He is not good at game adjustments and his clock management is maybe the worst I have ever seem and I don't know if that is because they have too much going on between the OC and Kirk or what but something is not right. And he is way too nice to a fault. But honestly I am growing tired of getting mad about it and talking about because nothing is going to change no matter what we think or say.

  • Yeah I remember going into games at halftime 2001-2005 thinking that Iowa would be the team to come out with the halftime adjustments. And they would. It was like clockwork. Go into half losing 7-10 and come out and win the game 21-13. It just doesnt happen like that anymore. We still have the same head coach and the only things that have changed are the Iowa assistants. During player interviews they ask what halftime is like in the locker room. Sounds like you get a 2 minute speech from KF and the rest of the time is spent with position coaches and treating injuries. I realize that Nebraska has better athletes than Iowa. And i realize that Nebraska will always have better athletes, but you could tell that their halftime adjustments were more effective.

  • HawkiBrad55

    I have thought and always will think Norm was the key to our success. Even more so when he was on the field. Then when he started his health issues it started going south (in game adjustments) and the worse he got,so did we (at least it seemed that way)