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Des Moines Open Practice Updates

  • HawkiBrad55

    And that is why I wish I was there, that is good to know though reporters were saying that and that was the only thing I had to go by. Thanks for the info.

    Actually need to edit this. SOME were saying that, other were saying something else, so I guess there is still along ways to go before we really know anything. Maybe the spring game in I.C can give us a better idea

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  • fuisu

    Per hawkeyegamefilm:

    Rudock - Has good anticipation and is accurate most times; very consistent when he's in rhythm. Does look overly-mechanical/robotic at times and will close his hips and tip where he's throwing too often. Very good command of offense in scrimmage portion. Timed most throws well; dropped in some throws over man turn defenders. Showed ability to adjust throws based on his targets height. Looks a bit pre-calculated/pre-determined with his reads at times; not sure how he'll perform under pressure and when things go off ******. Also can struggle to drive deep out/deep comeback throws, especially on the move. When he misses, he tends to miss big also.

    Beathard - Strong arm. Not quite to as strong as JVB's but pretty close. Ball doesn't have great RPMs on it, may have issues gripping ball too tightly or some mechanical issues w/his wrist motion; Gets the ball out quick, with a tight arm motion. Shows ability to change velocity appropriately on shorter routes. Looked like a freshman during scrimmage portion; didn't look like he had great command in the huddle/under center. Had some procedural issues. Did keep the ball down on throws over the middle, did a decent job protecting the ball overall. Accuracy was pretty good overall. Looks raw during hurry-up drills; didn't get guys lined up quickly numerous times. Lot of physical talent, needs to grow up quick tho

    Sokol - Best runner and athlete of three; shows good timing on his throws. Throwing motion is a little long at times; Keeps his eyes down the field with pressure in his face most times. Lacks a big arm but usually is able to mitigate it with anticipation/timing. Will take some risks and throw into some traffic, showed up a few times. Struggles with his touch on the deep ball at times. Looks very good on throws up the seam, does very well between hashes in general. Looked good rolling out and throwing on the move most times. Looked a little uncomfortable in the pocket at times in terms of his feet, little choppy when things develop

    Lowery still shows very good footwork in coverage and ate up a lot of the shorter routes. For his size he's very effective jamming WRs and disrupted their routes with consistency. He does still struggle to transition smoothly at times when forced to turn and run with verts. He also tends to keep his back turned when playing verts which has drawn him some PI flags in the past. It's not a physical issue, he's got the foot-speed to get into good position; he really just needs to trust his technique, head off WRs, and turn back and find the football. Easier said than done though.

    Jordan Lomax looks healthy after missing '12 with shoulder surgery. He's got quick feet and has loose hips. Doesn't appear to have great make-up speed, but isn't a slouch either. Didn't get a good read on his ability to jam; too few opportunities to judge there. He stepped up hard in run support a few times and didn't' look timid there. Lomax did a good job keeping his hips down and maintaining a solid cushion on WRs in his back-pedal most times. Lomax also closed very well on throws in front of him, he gave up some completions on slants and hitches but was in good position and made quick stops. I didn't see any major issues with Lomax's ability to play quality man coverage which should allow Iowa to continue to evolve in that department.

    Sean Draper worked as the 3rd CB and replaced Hitchens in the nickel package during practice. Draper played outside and Lowery stepped down inside over the slot. Draper is a longer CB who looks to be a legit 6'0 with long arms. Draper saw significant action in '12 as a sub package CB and should grow into a bigger role over time as he earns the coaching staff's trust.

    With Law out Lowdermilk got the reps with the 1s. Lowdermilk isn't going to wow you with athleticism but he showed up in the right place more often than not. Overall I'd describe him as a pretty good football player, does a lot of the little things well. He wasn't an overly physical tackler but he was sound. He tackled low and wrapped up. He brought down Canzeri in the open field a couple of times which is no easy feat. Behind him was Rueben Lile who's got a very big frame 6'3 210 and moves very well for his size. Lile doesn't look like he's even close to filing up his frame either; could probably add additional size. Lile's size makes him a better match up for taller TEs and he may grow into a LB before he's done at Iowa. Lile did have some issues getting lined up properly at times but it's hardly a concern at this point. I don't think either guy will be able to take the spot away from Law if he plays up to potential. If Law doesn't or has injury issues, it looks like there's some depth behind him for '13. At the very least Iowa is likely to get some good special teams play from their depth at SS.

    Miller is entering his 3rd year at the top of the depth chart at FS and had a rough finish to '12; to be fair Iowa's entire back seven looked lost down the stretch in '12. Miller will need to be a leader for this group in '13 and eliminate the mental mistakes. Miller's backup looks to be Anthony Gair who's coming off a RS year. Gair looks smooth in his back-pedal and wasn't biting on play action. Gair wasn't challenged deep in 1/2 field and I didn't get much of a look at his ball skills either. It wasn't a big sample size, but what was there was positive for Gair and it's important Iowa develop some depth behind Miller.

    LT: Pretty much no questions here; Brandon Scherff is healthy and is capable of playing at a very high level. By the end of this season Scherff might earn the right to carry Samuel L Jackson's wallet from Pulp Fiction. Donnal took some reps at LT with the 2s; with MacMillian out and often injured, Iowa needs to get some depth at the tackle spots. I think Donnal is going to earn reps at RG, but is also is needed for depth at OT.

    LG: Boffeli has the inside track after improving steadily down the stretch at this spot late in '12 and holding onto the starting job the last 3 games. Seemed like he kept his lead here to me. Behind him is Drew Clark who looks like a solid reserve, but likely would be the 9th OL in the pecking order.

    C: Austin Blythe did pretty well at the Center spot when I watched him. He's not as intense as James Ferentz was but is a bigger body and has a high ceiling for development. Eric Simmons also looked pretty good when lined up at Center with the 2s. Simmons is pretty tenacious and plays with sound leverage, but does lose his base a little too often.

    RG: Jordan Walsh ran with the 1's most of the day at RG and looked more physical and a little bit bigger than he did in '12. Donnal started several games at this spot in '12 and will factor into the competition heavily; as could Simmons. I think there will be a heated competition for the RG spot and we're likely to see guy's splitting reps here early in the season.

    RT: Brett Van Sloten looks to have kicked up his level of play a little bit. He looked more physical and was punishing guys more often than he did in '12. Behind him in this practice was Ryan Ward who also gets after it pretty good. Ward is only a RS Frosh and looks to have a bright future. He's already a sound run blocker and may push for time at one of the guard spots and gives Iowa some solid depth at OT, where they are a little thin.

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