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Delano Hill

  • Got a question for Todd or anyone with an opinion.

    On 247 Delano Hill is rated a 4* ranked in the top 5 of a talent rich state in Michigan. From all reports he ran a legit 4.4 40 and turned some heads at The Opening in Eugene. Yet his only offers are: Iowa, Cincy, Pitt, Illinois, Syracuse. Not exactly world beaters. 5 BCS offers is no joke, but I would think MSU, Wisky, etc would throw an offer out there. My question is what is the knock on Hill? Is it a case of him committing early to Iowa? Seems to have good size. I know ND was interested but that offer doesnt seem to be coming. Is it a grades/character issue? Also what % chance would you guess Hill is in IC next Fall?

    If this is VIP info I understand. Just seems on paper to be Iowa's biggest recruit imo.

  • derHawkeye

    My impression is that MSU has stacked up on Safeties over the last few classes and already had a Safety (Jayln Powell) who committed to them 2 months before Hill committed to Iowa. Prior to the summer where he gained a lot of national attention at a combine out west (also where he ran the 4.4 40), he wasn't getting much attention for whatever reason. I don't know much more on why Michigan State didn't offer Hill, but I assume it boils more down to them thinking another recruit was better in February or whenever they offered Powell and didn't have room at Safety to offer Hill or had others higher on their list.

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  • When he committed to Iowa he was a 3☆ with a rating of 84 or 85. His performance over the summer saw his stock shoot up. After being reevaluated, he jumped to a 4☆. So that played a part in his limited recruiting. I believe he camped at LSU early in the summer, and they were very impressed (but did not offer).

    Quite frankly, if we can get his John Hancock on a LOI, he will be a steal for us. Unfortunately, other schools who are "johnny-come-lately's" and might be peaking his interest...not to mention the fact that he has a teammate, a Toledo-commit, 2☆ DB DeJuan Rogers, that's become apparently a package deal...a la Robert Nkemdiche. If Pitt offers Rogers, and Iowa doesn't, we can kiss Mr. Hill goodbye.

    Both players are on the record that they wanna play football together in college...And I don't see Hill de-committing from us to go to Toledo, so....

  • Haven't heard a specific knock against Hill. My impression here is along the lines of what Der and OhioHawk were saying - that by the time he emerged on the radar of some of the bigger schools, he'd already been committed to Iowa for several months and many of those schools had already landed some safeties.