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Current B1G pecking order

  • Without naming names, some of the college football and basketball coaches with the best reputations nationally are complete jerks. I haven't heard that about Fitzgerald specifically, but even if that's true, I don't think that'd prevent him from getting more publicity.

  • fuisu

    1.) Norm could be coaching this year and we'd be worse off. The guy ran a 4-3 defense even against a 5 wide set. He never blitzed or used sub packages. The game has changed. If you don't have a blitz package or multiple sets defensively your screwed. I could call a 4-3 base defense with Sanders, Greenway, Hodge, Roth, Klug, King or Angerer, Neilsen, Hunter, Ballard, Sash & Clayborn and go 10-3. The key is going undefeated and out scheming the schemers. Long story short, Norm wasn't recruiting and he was constantly leaving an OLB on a slot receiver during 3rd & longs.

    2.) The OC flop is on KF. We can blame GD all we want but KF hired him. Instead of getting a young up & coming OC he went with a guy who got run out of town, plus he doesn't recruit. The next OC better scratch where it itches, evolve a offenisve philosophy around his talent and not the other way around, and most importantly he better recruit. Welcome to college football, if you can't/don't recruit you won't last long

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