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A couple more thoughts on the just concluded season.

  • 1-Kirk may be minimizing the backups work in the current offense because he is so dissatisfied (maybe even more than we are) that he expects they will be learning a new offensive system next year and does not see any benefit of snaps in the outgoing system for next years possible QBs.

    2- Some on this board think if The State of Iowa pays someone enough, then that person is not entitled to keep any of his thought or opinions private. Kirk works closer with the assistant coaches and players than many of us do with our wives and significant others. Would we be willing to share our every thought about someone so important to us, in a public forum, just because we get a big paycheck, WHICH HAS BEEN JUSTIFIED IN THE PAST BY THE PROFITS OF THE ORGANIZATION WE HEAD UP? Think about that the next time you want Kirk to 1)Throw someone under the bus, b)openly discuss plans to seek an upgrade of a staff position, or 3) endorse your views of the performance of his players and coaches. I am unspeakably glad that Kirk has more integrity than the fans that make such unreasonable requests.

    I posted nearly verbatim, the same text at The C.R. Gazette.

  • fuisu

    To me KF's salary has nothing to do with the equation. It doesn't bother me and I hope we pay the next coach more. Face the facts, you want a big name at Iowa you better shell out the big bucks and not whine about it.

    That said, I'm tired of people and their love affair with KF's integrity and feel good stories. You want to make me feel good, win a football game. Integrity, show me integrity for the game, starting with taking the 85 scholarship limit serious. We hired KF to win football games not raise awareness on world hungry, the sooner some people realize that the sooner I'll start taking their opinion serious on sports related matters.

    This team isn't going bowling, and that's on the coaches. Looks like these guys are going to have a busy off season to raise these profits you speak of.

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  • I fall somewhat in the middle of this argument.

    I do genuinely respect Ferentz for his philosophy of keeping in-house things close to the vest. Nobody wants a coach who airs dirty laundry or throws any player or coach under the bus. Integrity is incredibly important in this business.

    That said, a little candor at times would be refreshing. It's almost insulting when a glaring problem exists, either with coaching or a player, and the head coach refuses to clearly acknowledge the issue. It reminds me of politicians who dance around a question without ever really answering it. If it walks and quacks like a duck, come out and say it's a duck. I truly believe that if Kirk were to come out and tell it like it is occasionally, or get in a players face from time to time, fans would cut him more slack because he is demonstrating that he not only recognizes a problem, but he cares about it as well.

    Wisc, I had a very similar thought about the lack of playing backups a few weeks ago. I also questioned if Ferentz had already decided that Davis wasn't the right fit and was already planning ahead. It's an interesting thought.

  • WiscHawk......I nominate you and this post for Post of the year on VOTH.

    Just a great post and it speaks to the complete idiocy of the media pinheads, who think
    their opinions, as faux-journalist weasels somehow are most important, when most folks know
    their hidden agenda is to peddle their fish-wrap to unwitting flounders and it is the worst kind of
    Under-belly of anything in sports.

    Wow, how I wish the Iowa City Press-Corruption's 'staff' could be scrutinized as much as
    the Football program. That thing would have been closed down and shuttered long ago.

    Have a good weekend! coffee

    'Texan by birth, Hawkeye by the Grace of God'