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Open letter to our members/users subscribers,

For the past 27 years we have maintained a commitment to provide Iowa fans the most up-to-date news on the Hawkeyes and give our readers the most in-depth recruiting coverage available.

With the growth of the Internet, we have also been committed to maintaining a vibrant Iowa sports message board community online where fans of the Hawkeyes can come to discuss their teams.

We now embark on our journey with a new online partner – 247Sports. While our network partner is changing, our commitment to being the best Iowa team site is not. is the official Iowa partner of the 247Sports network. It is important to note that our magazine staff is moving with to 247Sports. We are honoring your current online membership/subscription term.

We remain committed to making the Voice of the Hawkeyes website even better. We are now in a position to give your more – more breaking news, more updates, more message board interaction and more advanced product features.

247Sports is the fastest growing team site network on the Internet. Its founders are committed to being the No. 1 network through partnerships with the best team sites, innovative technology and product development enhancements.

Just check out the amazing 247Sports message board technology and our new mobile platform … and that’s only the beginning. We believe that Voice will be able to thrive in this new environment and provide Hawkeyes fans with the best service possible.

Your support of means a great deal to us. We are a small business that depends on your support. You have our commitment that we will continue to provide you with the very best Iowa team and recruiting coverage.

Please help us by spreading the word that Voice of the Hawkeyes has moved to 247Sports. Tell your friends, scream it from the rooftops and help us grow a new, vibrant online community together.

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Thank you,

Todd Brommelkamp, Editor

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